NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet

NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet 1.0

Explore and restore 20 actual shipwrecks in the Atlantic!
1.0.0 (See all)

Explore and restore 20 actual shipwrecks in the Atlantic as you search for 2,500 hidden gems and try to rescue your kidnapped father in this new adventure title from Nat Geo Games.
A fully animated underwater environment is enhanced with actual National Geographic photography. Ten unique mini-games to add diversity to the game play, and you'll encounter links to historical information along the way.

Unlock desktop wallpapers and screensavers by restoring the ecosystems found around the wrecks

Plus, view the original 1970 National geographic map that inspired the creation of this game. The map plots more than 500 ill-fated ships that lie forever on the Atlantic coastal sea floor—like the British Tiger, sunk in 1585 in Ocracoke Inlet, to the fishing trawler Oriental, lost in 1969 off Bodie Island Lighthouse, both in North Carolina's Outer Banks.

An interactive feature lets you click on various shipwreck points to view gorgeous National Geographic photos and descriptions of the ship and the events that led to its demise.

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